June Park
Does North Korea have Internet?

2019 / Video nstallation

What: Exploring the conflicting ways that North Korean technological knowhow is portrayed in the international news media.

Why: North Korean technology comes across as highly advanced in some online news bulletins, while others paint a picture of it as hopelessly outdated, imagining a technological gap that would be impossible to bridge in a potential unification with South Korea. Both portrayals seem to stem from a desire to define this neighbouring country about which so little is known.

How: By highlighting these two vastly different ‘truths’, June Park questions the way we perceive the information we encounter online or in the news and invites other people to do the same.

“How can the news portray totally opposite truths?”

Graduation Project at Design Academy Eindhoven.
Photo by Ronald Smits
Does North Korea have Internet?

2019 / Book
110 x 160 mm

This thesis investigates into how our point of view on North Korea is formed in an environment where it is hard to obtain desired information from North Korea. The research specifically focuses on the discourses regarding access to the internet in North Korea and how this example is used to reinforce the image of the country as a hermit kingdom. Thesis project in the Master department Information Design at Design Academy Eindhoven.
3 ways to ship from the Netherlands
to South Korea

2018 / Book
160 x 240 mm

This book investigates three significant shipping routes that are representing the three significant periods in shipping history. This book follows the chronological order of the journey of a ship. Starting from the departure to the arrival. Vertically, the book is divided into three sections: top, middle, and bottom, which represents the geographical location of each three routes.
Poster for a Lecture

2018 / Poster

Poster design for a lecture, organized by Information Design department at Design Academy Eindhoven
Medicine Treatment

2017 / Design Concept
Medicine 16 x 18 – 20 x 20 mm, 3D printing with ABS

The pills with different functions look similar. It is almost impossible to intuitively identify different types of medicine with the naked eye. This becomes an issue knowing that Korea is one of the most antibiotic using countries in the world (44% of the prescription rate is antibiotic compares to 14% in the Netherlands, 2015). Therefore, it is very easy to take the wrong medicine. To solve this issue, the designer developed a design that shows its functional purpose.
Samsung Republic

2017 / Leaflet
380 x 604 mm, Risograph Printing, Double Sided

As a Korean, I see or use Samsung products and services almost every day. However, the economical measurements such as key figures and profit of Samsung do not explain our daily experiences with Samsung. This is emphasized by a famous economist, he pointed out we are living in a Samsung Republic. It is difficult to compare Samsung with other companies, since there are only few companies like Samsung when it comes to the diversity of businesses. Therefore, I decide to compare The Samsung group with a country with similar population and awareness, which is Iceland. The comparison is only based on pure facts and aims to give a clear view on the size and impact that is easy to understand for everybody. purpose.
Human Animal and Ape

2015 / Book
200 x 297 mm, 32 Pages, Section Sewn binding, Softcover

Human, Animal And Ape is a book that I made because of my interest in the relationship between apes and humanity. This book provides the informative time travels starting from the evolutionary theory, to how human beings developed the relationship with apes.
The Wave

2017 / Poster
294 x 173 mm, Laser Printing (Master Poster),
346 x 294 mm, UV Printing (Transparent Poster)

The Wave is a virtual contemporary dance performance. In this show the music producer and visual artist visualize non-visible waves together with a dance performer. This project is a self-initiated project, in which I researched how body movement can create patterns. For this design,
I traced the position of the head of dancer on the stage during the performance. This resulted in a visualized wave on the stage.
Non-Blind spot

2017 / Poster, book
Poster – 420 x 594 mm, Offset Printing,
Book – 258 x 182 mm, 120 Pages, Offset Printing, Perfect Binding, Softcover

Design for graduate exhibition at Duksung Women’s University. With the title, Non–Blind Spot, I created the poster based on the geographic information of the location. I embraced the current data by making a transparent contour map of the location of the university as ironic view on the theme. This emphasizes that nobody can see the full shape of location while they are at the location.
Book of Wind

2017 / Photography Book
140 x 210 mm, 104 pages, Laser printing,
Perfect Binding, Softcover

This design started from the question can printed material contain a change of element of nature? To answer, I choose wind, light and time as elements of nature. For this project I installed a paper windmill at a fixed spot at the riverside.
I shoot a time-lapse photography with a method of the 3 burst pictures in one second, every once a minute. Each group of 3 overlapped burst pictures was placed on a page. Depending on the speed of turning pages done by the reader, they can experience the wind, time and light.
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